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06 - Heaven




Herwig Gröger


Herwig Gröger





There's so much to say, but I'm not able to.
Such a rainy day, we all think of you.
But there's one thing,
That satisfy me.
I know that you're in heaven,
You're in heaven,
You're in heaven.


Your life shone full of sun, you were our guiding light.
You gave everyone the power to do it right.
Your life was full of love.
You really deserved to be in heaven,
To be in heaven,
To be in heaven.

Every rainy day in March.
Every rainy day in March
I'll think of you........


We know you weren't afraid to die.
Because you believed in heaven,
In heaven,
You belived in heaven.
You're in heaven,
You're in heaven,
Yes, you're in heaven.

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